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Wildlife to watch for in Clear Lake MB

Riding Mountain National Park, located in Manitoba, Canada, is known for its diverse wildlife and natural beauty. Here are some of the wildlife species you can expect to see when visiting the park:

  1. Black Bears: Riding Mountain National Park is home to a healthy population of black bears. These magnificent creatures can often be spotted foraging for food in the park's forests and meadows. Be sure to keep a safe distance and never approach or feed them.

  2. Elk: Elk, also known as wapiti, are one of the iconic species found in the park. They are the largest members of the deer family and can be seen in open grasslands or wooded areas. Look for them early in the morning or during the evening hours.

  3. White-tailed Deer: White-tailed deer are abundant in the park and are commonly seen throughout the year. These graceful animals can be observed grazing in meadows or crossing the park's roads.

  4. Moose: Riding Mountain National Park is also home to moose, the largest member of the deer family. These impressive animals are often found near wetlands and marshy areas. Keep an eye out for them while exploring the park's hiking trails.

  5. Gray Wolves: While they are elusive and rarely seen, Riding Mountain National Park is home to a population of gray wolves. These majestic predators play a vital role in the park's ecosystem. You may have a better chance of spotting them in the winter months when their tracks are more visible in the snow.

  6. Coyotes: Coyotes are adaptable animals found throughout North America, and they can be seen in Riding Mountain National Park as well. Their yips and howls are sometimes heard at dusk or during the night.

  7. Birds: The park boasts a rich variety of bird species. Keep an eye out for bald eagles, ospreys, loons, various species of owls, woodpeckers, warblers, and many more. The park's diverse habitats, including forests, wetlands, and grasslands, provide an excellent opportunity for birdwatching.

  8. Small Mammals: Riding Mountain National Park is also home to a variety of smaller mammals, such as red foxes, beavers, otters, muskrats, porcupines, and chipmunks. These animals can often be spotted near water bodies or in wooded areas.

Remember to observe wildlife from a safe distance and never feed or approach them. Respecting their space ensures both your safety and the well-being of the animals. Additionally, it's always a good idea to check with park staff or visitor centers for the most up-to-date information on wildlife sightings and viewing opportunities in the park.


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