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Check out some of the fun things to do in Clear Lake this weekend: 

Experience Clear Lake Manitoba

Welcome to the town of Wasagaming and Clear Lake, located in Riding Mountain National Park. Geiler Corner – All Season Resort offers you comfortable rental accommodations year-round.


Take a dip in the lake in the summer, learn more about wildlife during a nature walk in the fall, spend Christmas in Riding Mountain National Park, or watch nature renew in the spring. You’ll find it all!  


If you’re wondering about events, check the Friends of Riding Mountain National Park website.  


You’ll find lots of exciting opportunities that they host year round.


Escape to beautiful Clear Lake and experience all that a rejuvenating vacation will do for you. You’ll find a wide range of activities here for the whole family and plenty of opportunities to relax and enjoy a simpler life. Whether you’re looking for a way to bond with people you care about, to reconnect with yourself, or to simply “recharge your batteries” and increase your overall health, this is where you want to be. Did you know that a great vacation can increase your well-being in ways that last long after you’ve returned home?


At Geiler Corner – All Season Resort, our cabins are designed to keep you comfortable while you do all of these things and we look forward to welcoming you.

Photo Credit: Tom Vogt

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Things To

Do In

Clear Lake

Clear Lake is a magical place with endless possibilities for the whole family.

What could you do at Clear Lake?

Bike, hike, go sight seeing, play golf,  go horseback riding, bird watch, boat on the lake, swim, skate, read a book, ski, snowshoe, learn something new at Friends of RMNP, grill dinner on the BBQ, visit a museum... or do nothing at all.


Many seasonal events

Ice skating around the park

Build a snow sculpture

Kite board

Outdoor hockey 

Cross country skiing 

Snow biking

Spa Getaway 

Look for Northern lights

Do a puzzle

See the starts


see some wildlife

Make a snow angel

Hug a tree

Play a boardgame

Sit by the fire place

Take a nap

Enjoy the clean air

Take photos

... we could go on and on!

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