Great decision – you’re coming to Clear Lake!!! Pat yourself on the back and keep reading. We have lots to tell you about organizing your vacation to avoid annoying surprises. If we missed something, send your question.

Can I bring the dogs (or other critters)?

Maybe.  We have a trial for dogs only in specific cabins and there are criteria - contact us.

Is there daily maid service?

Your cabin will be thoroughly cleaned before you arrive and after you leave. No one comes in daily. We’ll make sure you

have some basic tools to avoid chaos during your stay – a broom, detergents, basic cleaning supplies.

Can several dozen of our closest friends stay with us?

We really wish they could, but the maximum capacity is 6, including children and infants.  

My friends and kinfolk are staying at other places.  Can they come over and swim with us?

Only people who are registered guests at Geiler Corner may enter the pool enclosure.



Do I need to have a park pass?

Yes.  Every vehicle in the park must display a park pass.

How is the cell reception?

It is usually pretty good reception in and around Clear Lake.

If you are on certain trails, it could disappear.

Is there a fire pit on-site, or can I build a fire?

Sorry, no open fires are allowed. There are public fire pits near the Visitor Centre.

Who can I contact if I need information or assistance during my stay?

Your information binder will have contact information for just about anything you might need … from grocery stores

to handyman assistance.  


We will provide the cell number of someone nearby at all times to help you in case of

an emergency or just to get some information.

What should I do when I’m leaving?

We’ll provide you with a checklist of things to do at the end of your stay. Guests clean up after themselves, but please don’t bother washing the walls.

How to Make a Reservation:

Send your e-mail inquiry to Allison from the “Contact Us” tab. You will receive a prompt reply with availability and an answer to any questions you ask.

Payments & Confirmation:

Your reservation is confirmed the minute your funds are accepted.   Until then, we cannot hold your dates.

Payment is by e-transfer, or we can arrange to accept a cheque (no credit cards). When your deposit is accepted, you will receive a confirmation letter by e-mail within 48 hours.

Cancellation Policy :

Ask us.  There is some variation depending on how far ahead you are booking and for how long.  For short stays and sales, payments are not refundable. 


This is a destination resort, so our policies are firm and no longer waived for circumstances related to the pandemic.  


We recommend that our guests purchase travel insurance to protect their investment.

Check-in (4 p.m. on arrival day)

If you have a balance owing, it is usually due a month before you arrive.  You will be sent contactless check-in information and a link to the required screening for covid-19.  

Once those are taken care of, we’ll tell you how to get your key from the nifty, coded lock box.

Check-outs are by 10 a.m. on departure day.




Each Unit, except #2, has one assigned parking spot. Street parking and public lots are also available.


We are a quiet resort catering to families and seniors.  For peace in the park, quiet hours are observed from 10:00 PM

until 9:00 AM.

Clutter and Garbage:

There’s a garbage bin in the alley and we take away recycling.

Remember that wildlife consider food left out to be an invitation to dinner.

Remove personal items (e.g., towels, bikes) promptly from common areas.


In Your


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