Covid-19 FAQ


Are you open?


YES! Geiler Corner is open.

Our guests stay in single-family stand-alone units, so they have complete control of their space while they enjoy what Clear Lake has to offer.

Do we need to wear a mask? 

Yes. Masks must be worn in all indoor spaces.   Masks do not need to be worn outdoors, unless you are in space where you cannot socially distance.

Who can be in our cabin? 

This is up to public health. As of late June 2021 each cabin is limited to a single household, if the regulations change before your arrival, please contact us and we would be happy to add anyone who complies with the public health orders to your guest list. 

Can we visit from out of province? 

Guests entering Manitoba with everyone over 12 years old fully vaccinated do not need to quarantine for 14 days.  At this time there is a mandatory 14 day quarantine period for those who are not fully vaccinated.   Carry evidence of your vaccination status.

Is the Park open?


Yes, it is.

Are restaurants open?

Yes!  Everything is open and the public health orders describe who can dine indoors and outdoors.   

Are public bathrooms open?

Yes! They are now open and regularly taken care of. 

Can we go on the trails?


Trails are opened and groomed. 


What about boating?

Sure, bring your boat.   You should wait till the ice thaws and the marina opens.

Will the pool and hot tub be open this summer?

We think so and the final decision is up to Public Health.   We are using a sign-up system so guests can enjoy the pool and hot tub, while complying with the posted public health access restrictions.  The pool stays open till mid-September and the hot tub is open till around the Thanksgiving weekend.

What if we have to cancel due to the pandemic?

The pandemic has been impacting visitors and businesses since early 2020, so it is a well-known risk and you are advised to think about that when you make your plans.  Circumstances around the virus(s) no longer affect our cancellation policy, which is detailed for you when you make your reservation.   Be sure you understand it.  Guests are advised to purchase travel insurance when that is available.   Contact us with any specific questions.  


Manitoba Public Health Orders

Guests, will want to be familiar with current Public Health Orders.   Some things are recommended and some things are the law.  Who can be in your cabin?  There are orders about households and visitors - a cabin is your household while you're there.   Are you hoping to come from another province?  Remember the orders could be different in Manitoba and you can find those at 

*As with everything these days information is a bit of moving target, but we are trying our best to give you the best and most accurate information we can get, please forgive any errors or changes.